The how’s, the why’s the where’s, the I’s….

Hello and welcome to Andy-ETC. The ETC short for both Et Cetera & ExploreTasteCreate. If you’re reading this, then I assume you have an interest in food and travel just like me and therefore, we're both in the perfect place!

The first post is always a tricky one, apparently, but I’ve got a little story to tell and an incredible adventure to follow and I’m just going to tell it as it is. 

Now, this is a pretty honest opening paragraph and to be frank, all of my blog is going to be honest, humorous, exciting and inspiring, with the exception of this one maybe! :)

This opening post is going to touch briefly on my past year; however, from my 2nd post onwards, it will be unadulterated food, recipes, taste, smells, countries, cultures, people, places and adventure, so don’t think it’s going to be about heartbreak and tears because that ship has long sailed my friends. 


The Story and I

So this journey started on the 4th January 2017 and it didn't start well.

"Andy, I need to tell you something; I've had an affair for the last year......"

.....Cue the pain, tears and tortured dream's I wish on no one.

Fast forward 9 months and I’m better than ever. In-fact, I should be thanking her for being such a callous b**ch, she’s done me a huge favour and it’s one of the biggest blessings in disguise and a dodged bullet. I doubt his now ex-wife and kids see it that way…..

Weird thing to say? Maybe....

….but when the ultimate betrayal leaves you in despair, empty and on your knees, you find an inner strength; with family & friends by your side. You then step out of the darkness and into the light and the light shines on you a little different than before. Life looks a little different through these eyes now and I like it.


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The adventure

9 months on and I’m about to embark on the food adventure and challenge of a lifetime, bike in stow, excitement rushing through my veins and on my way to a part of the world I've dreamed of exploring for years; Southeast Asia.

First stop, Bangkok!

The Plan

To cycle 20,000km+ around the entire length and breadth of Southeast Asia and beyond on the ultimate 'food adventure'. (Read my 2nd blog post on the 28th September for more details on the trip and what’s in store!)

Route Map for Social jpeg.jpg

What to expect

Think incredible food, delicious recipes, cooking classes, amazing photography, talented chefs, passionate producers, stunning cultures, inspiring people, mental and physical challenges & me-Andy + more.

Now, let me introduce my self


I’m from Essex, just outside of London.

I love food. All food! Anything edible really, except sea urchin, not a fan but willing to give it another go!

I'm a trained chef, foodpreneur and operations guy and like to think I’ve done some pretty cool things within the world of food and events, including being Pinks touring chef on her UK tour and venue manger of the aquatics centre at the 2012 Olympics.

I’m fit, healthy(as far as I’m aware), love sport and I've always loved an adventure.

I love culture, exploring and I follow buddhism & can be pretty philosophical at times.

I enjoy gardening and have some awesome Orchids.

I love my family and friends and feel blessed to have them all in my life.

 So that's me in a very small nut-shell.

Follow my adventure, enjoy and be inspired.



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