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25/07/18 - 20/08/18

I was excitedly nervous about entering into and cycling through the unknown of Myanmar, but the imminent retreat and some very gnarly weather and remote areas, made for a very tough and eye opening experience. 

I crossed into Myanmar at the Thai/ Myanmar border at Mae Sot, and knew I had a big few days ahead of me. Add a huge amount of rain and the worst roads to date, and it made for a tough and testing few days. One thing I learnt that day was not to assume that the word “Highway” has any reference to infrastructure here!


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20/08/18 - 18/09/18

A slight sigh of relief crept over me as the wheels of the plane hit the tarmac at Suvarnabhumi airport, and I set foot in Bangkok for my second time in as many months.

Myanmar had been an incredibly interesting and eye opening experience, and what a privilege to have been able to experience it by bicycle, but monsoon season is not ideal for touring and with the flooding and landslides affecting the east, I didn’t want to risk getting stuck in a small town again.

Surly Temple needed a good service and I had a few things I wanted to do, and the best place for all of these was near the infamous Khoasan Road, Bangkok.

Bok Bok Bike, run by Ma, is a brother shop to Triple Cats Cycles in Chiang Mai where I bought Surly Temple at the start of this adventure, and is an excellent bicycle shop, focused predominantly on touring.

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15/07/18 – 25/07/18

Riding out of BKK was a fun city riding experience and the people continued to be incredibly friendly. I took a few wrong turns, got chased by an awol dog and was pointed in the right direction by some friendly people and by this guy and who guided me across a deep part of water in the middle of a back road.

As I neared Ayutthaya (pronounced A-utia), the ancient former capital of Siam, I am joined by Paul, from Poland, a cyclist on a nice looking road bike. One of those bikes that clicks really loud when not peddling; I don’t know if you know it? Having never ridden a road bike, I still know sweet FA about bikes, but I think this is a sign of a bike with good components. Paul was quite the character and lives in Ayutthaya and enjoys touring and road biking. Paul and I cycled into Ayutthaya, chatting along then way as he guided me through the streets, using his incredibly loud electric bell as we passed cross roads and traffic lights and shouting “wait there motherf***er” with his hand held as cars tried to pull out in front of us.



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