Andy ETC
Andy ETC
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Name: Andy

Nickname: Bufty,

Age: 33

Home: Essex

Profession: Chef, Foodpreneur, Food Blogger

Favourite ingredient: Scallops

Last dinner: 12 course tasting menu with wine tasting. Is that cheating?

Dinner with 4 people, dead or alive: Lao Tzu, Dave Grohl, Robin Williams, Jesus ( Be interesting to see if his wine making skills are up to today's standards).

Fears: Heights, Spiders, Snakes. I will overcome heights on this journey though. ( bear in mind that I am absolutely terrified of heights. Having got to the front, I've then turned and walked back past many a queuing, jeering folk at water parks and amusement parks. Why they are called amusement parks I will never know.

When are you the happiest? When I'm with my family and friends, eating.

Most looking forward to on your adventure? Learning more about me, the world, the people in it, the food and share that experience with you beautiful people. I'm looking forward to really challenging my body and mind to new levels. Limits only exist in the mind.

About me

Hello and welcome to Andy-ETC ExploreTasteCreate. If you’re reading this, then you have an interest in food, travel and adventure just like me and you're in the perfect place!

But firstly.....



the story and i

So this journey started on the 4th January and it didn't start well.

"Andy, I need to tell you something; I've had an affair for the last year......"

.....Cue the pain and tears I wish on no one.

Fast forward to 2018 and I’m better than ever. In-fact, I’m on the adventure of a lifetime, bike in stow, excitement rushing through my veins and cycling around dreamed of lands; Southeast Asia.

the plan

To cycle the entire length and breadth of Southeast Asia, Japan, Scandinavia and Europe on the ultimate 'foodie adventure'.

Think incredible food, delicious recipes, cooking classes, amazing chefs, passionate producers, stunning cultures, amazing photography, some physical and mental challenges & me, Andy + more.


now, let me introduce myself...


My name is Andy, Bufty to some, but here forth, just Andy ETC.

I’m from Essex, just outside of London.

I love food, all food! Anything edible really, except sea urchin, not a fan but willing to try it each time it’s presented!

I'm a trained chef, foodpreneur and operations guy and like to think I’ve done some cool things within the world of food and events.

I’m fit, healthy(as far as I’m aware) and enjoy nearly all sport's and I've always loved an adventure.

I love culture, exploring, follow Buddhist and stoic practices and can be pretty philosophical.

I'm a big fan of gardening and love to grow my own veggies! 

I love my family and friends and feel blessed to have them all in my life.

 So that's me in a pretty small nut-shell.

Come and enjoy my journey and be inspired.